‘Jab shaadi nahi ho paati tou phir yehi kehna parrta hai’, Nausheen Shah and Umar Sayeed’s online fight

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Actress Nausheen Shah and designer Umer Sayeed have gotten into an online spat after the former voiced her disappointment over being constantly picked on for not getting married, and the latter passed insensitive remarks on her.

After a snapshot of Nausheen’s post went viral on the internet, Sayeed passed an insensitive comment and ridiculed Shah for failing to get married after trying many times. 

It irked Shah, who didn’t keep quiet and publicly replied to Sayeed’s comment saying, “Now you’ll tell me what to say and when to stop. You sleep with men, Allah maf kary you are a gay, ap toh shadi karne kay qabal he nhi ho.” “So please, next time, think before you speak. Hope I am loud and clear,” she added.

Shah earlier revealed her annoyance over being constantly scolded by her mother for not getting married. She said that it is part of Pakistani culture for mothers to constantly remind their single daughters to get married.

“This happens only in this country. If you are not married, your mother will remind you every day. Shaadi kerlo shadi kerlo nhi karni shadi bhai maaf kerdo Jaan chordo (Get married, get married. I do not want to get married. Let me be),” Nausheen had written furiously.

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  • Bhai America Europe main bhe aisa he hota hy not just in Pakistan or India main to or bhee zaida hy,

    she should not disrespect her mother

    • tu kya vampire darzi say karlain. If you have a daughter and you spent all your time caring for her, would you give her away to a thug?

  • عمر سید نے سچ بات کرکے اسکی دم پر پاؤں رکھ دیا
    کیا یہ عورت فلموں کی اداکارہ ہے یا ٹی وی کی

  • Tawaaifon k naseeb me shohar kahan hote hain bhai. Uski maa us se kama rahi hai aur kya chahiye

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