WATCH: Naveed Raza makes serious allegations about Alizeh Shah, Feroze Khan jumps to her defense

Nida Yasir shared that her husband, Yasir Nawaz had regrets about working with actress Alizeh Shah in the drama.

Cast of Mera Dil Mera Dushman

Celebrity couple Yasir Nawaz and Nida Yasir appeared on Ahsan Khan’s show “Time Out with Ahsan Khan” in June 2021. During the interview, the two revealed inside gossip about the drama serial Mera Dil Mera Dushman.

Nida Yasir shared that her husband, Yasir Nawaz had regrets about working with actress Alizeh Shah in the drama. When the host Ahsan Khan prompted for details, Nida Yasir said: 

Yasir had some difficulty working with Alizeh and building chemistry with her since they played a married couple in the serial. He regrets working with Alizeh, and he wanted the show to be wrapped earlier than the makers because of this issue.

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Alizeh Shah responds to the Reveal

In an interview in July, Alizeh Shah was questioned about Yasir Nawaz, and she stated:

Everyone connects to a person differently; just like our families, we don’t get along with everyone. We can’t always get along, and one should expect the same behavior as they behave themselves; if you misbehave with me, I will not stay quiet. I will respond.

Co-Actor Naveed Raza shares more Insights

Recently, the actor Naveed Raza appeared on Ahsan Khan’s show. It should be noted that he was also part of the Mera Dil Mera Dushman serial.

During the interview, Naveed Raza spilled more beans on the Yasir Nawaz-Alizeh Shah matter. He stated:

Yasir is a veteran actor and director, who gave her the right to misbehave with him? She demanded to cut his lines and scenes with her. When the two used to be in the make-up room, and Yasir would dry his hair, she asked the assistant to shift Yasir’s seat somewhere far, saying that the heated air of the dryer was bothering her.

He further stated:

Talking to your senior actor like this is called rudeness, which is entirely wrong. No matter how successful you are, you cannot talk to a senior like that. She should be grateful that a star like Yasir worked with her.

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Feroze Khan came to Alizeh Shah’s Defense

Feroze Khan recently collaborated with Alizeh Shah for an endorsement advertisement. When the rumors surrounding Yasir Nawaz and Alizeh Shah escalated, the actor jumped in to express his support for her on social media.

He stated:

I have worked with Alizeh Shah. It was great working with her. She is a very young girl with no media handling schooling from the family or friends from the industry. Whatsoever, it takes time for one to stand on their own and learn their way. I remember being bullied by many in the industry; even though I had a family part, but still wonder what she goes through. Such well-grown artists are naming and shaming such a new kid who could be dealing with any emotional low. Not cool! Alizeh Shah, down to working with you again.

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