Nawabshah Experiences The ‘Hottest April Day Ever Recorded on Earth’

These summers are already giving an impression that they’ll bake us in hell as Nawabshah has recently experienced the hottest April day on earth. On Monday, last day of April 2018, Nawabshah, a city in the Southern side of Pakistan witnessed 50.2-degree Celsius (122.4 F) that is being dubbed as the highest temperature ever recorded across the globe in the month of April.

Typically, April is expected to be the month where Pakistan used to experience the most pleasant weather – where days were hot and nights were cold. But, the recent changes in weather patterns and factors amplifying global warming have made the summers more extreme and unbearable.
An expert of Global Weather Extremes, Christopher Burt, verified the news after a meteorologist at Meteo France, named Etienne Kapikian made the observations public on Twitter.

The competing hottest April temperature was previously recorded on 2001 in Santa Rosa, Mexico, that was 51.0 Celsius that was also declared of dubious reliability. However, this is the second month where Nawabshah has set the record for new monthly extreme temperature as in the last days of March 113.9 degrees was recorded, making it the highest national.

A heat wave was also recorded causing several complications. As reported by Dawn, the temperature is getting there to a point where it is ‘’unbearable’’ and the heat stroke caused dozens of people to faint. Not just that, the unannounced load-shedding made it even more difficult to survive the punishing weather.

As the concentration of the heat-trapping gases continues building in the air due to irresponsible human behaviour, deforestation, urbanization, air pollution,  and failure to properly dispose off waste an increase in heat intensity and frequency is further expected in weather.

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