‘Naya Pakistan Calling’: Government Creates Web Portal For Highly Qualified Overseas Pakistanis

Fulfilling another promise made during the election campaign, Imran Khan led government is launching ‘Naya Pakistan Calling’ portal in an attempt to engage highly qualified overseas Pakistanis for the progress of the country.

Zulfiqar Bukhari, Special Assistant to Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, inaugurated the portal. Speaking on the event, he said that overseas citizens are Pakistan’s assets and the new government wants to involve them in the change process.

“They (overseas Pakistani nationals) are our asset, we want professionals expert in their respective fields to come back and serve their nation” – Zulfi commented saying that the portal will help to bridge the gap between expats and the government. 

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Launching a portal of such nature was the part of government’s first 100-day plan. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he will bring overseas Pakistanis back to the country and utilize their potential to improve the country. The idea behind the portal was to engage the professionals and make use of their valuable services in the relevant departments.


Last month, OPF (Overseas Pakistanis Foundation) launched a pilot project for the portal for fifteen days before officially launching it. Arshad Ali, the OPF spokesperson, said that the project has been running for half a month already and as many as 15 expatriates have registered for it so far.

Engaging the overseas Pakistanis and making use of their experience has been of the prime priorities of the new government. Imran Khan has repeatedly shown the commitment to engage them and make use of their experience as Pakistan already has a very narrow intellectual globally and the new portal will surely prove to be extremely useful to engage them and make use of their capabilities.

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