On Nazia Hassan 53rd Birthday – Let’s Relive Some Of Her Most Iconic Songs

Pakistan’s sweetheart and queen of pop music Nazia Hassan would’ve turned 53 today and until this day, the country continues to celebrate this iconic woman.
Born on April 3, 1965, Nazia Hassan rose to prominence in the 1970s through Pakistan Television (PTV) program ‘’Sung Sung’’. She gained immense national and international recognition after her single debut song ‘’Ap Jaisa koi’’ for Indian film Qurbani, it definitely was her breakthrough song as well as a drug to most of us even today.

On her 53rd birthday, Google doodle has been revamped to celebrate, cherish and remember her with the writing, ‘’When young Pakistani girls in 1980s close their eyes, and clutched a pretend mic in their hands, swaying and singing, a major inspiration was Nazia Hassan’’.  

She started her music career at the age of 10, and was the first Pakistani singer to reach British charts with the English version of her famous song ‘’Disco Deewane’’ called ‘’Dreamer Deewane’’.

Unfortunately, she left us too soon and lost a battle with Lung Cancer at the age of 35. On this day, let us look back and enjoy 5 of her most iconic, evergreen songs.

Ap Jaisa Koi

Perhaps, the most important song in her career increased her fan following in entire South Asia. Although, it has been reproduced, tweaked and remade several times nothing sounds as good as the original.

Disco Deewane


Released in 1981, the song still can be rendered as a perfect party song. It was beautifully revived in fairly recent Bollywood movie ‘’Student of the year’’.

Boom Boom


Released in 1982, this song was a part of her second album named ‘’Boom Boom’’. She was even nominated for Film Fare Awards for the best playback singer for this.

Koi Nahi

Her this particular song for movie ‘Star’ got subcontinent hooked on it back in the days. Unique composition, her impressive vocals and romantic lyrics made this a masterpiece.


The perfect friendship anthem was released as a part of her iconic album Young Tarang in 1983. The ones from this era call it the song that brings tears and nostalgia.

Dum Dum Dee Dee

Another iconic one from the 90’s, had everyone swaying on its tunes. Our very own Alice in the wonderland!

Tali de Thallay Kariye Pyar Diyan Galan

The song that spoke to many depicted her calibre well, and her potential to showcase her talent equally beautifully in multiple languages.
What is your favourite Nazia Hassan song? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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