Neeraj Chopa Busts Indian Propaganda Over Accusing Arshad Nadeem of Stealing His Javelin

Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra has busted Indian propaganda of Pakistani athlete Arshad Nadeem stealing his javelin. After a video of the Indian athlete asking for his javelin back from Arshad Nadeem went viral, many Indian media outlets and verified accounts on Twitter accused Nadeem of stealing Neeraj’s javelin.

Now, Neeraj Chopra has issued a clarification over the Indian propaganda in a video statement issued on his Twitter. He said that all the athletes can use each others’ javelin, there is no specific rule about it.

“Arshad Nadeem was not tampering with my javelin. He was just practicing for his throw, and nothing else,” clarified Neeraj.

“We keep our personal javelin during the event and anyone can use it. There is no specific rule about it,” Neeraj added.

Neeraj Chopra expressed his disappointment over the public reaction regarding his comments. In an interview with the Times of India, he had said that he took his first throw hurriedly as Arshad Nadeem had his javelin and he had to ask him for that.

“I was searching for my javelin at the start of the final. I was not able to find it. Suddenly, I saw Arshad Nadeem was moving around with my javelin. Then i told him, ‘Bhai give this javelin to me! I have to throw with it.’ Then he gave it back to me. That’s why you must have seen I took my first throw hurriedly,” Neeraj Chopra was quoted by Times Of India.

He further requested everyone to refrain from using him and his comments as a medium to further their vested interests and propaganda.

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