Neglected By Police, Rescued By Villagers – Woman Shares Horrors of Getting Stuck In Extreme Cold Weather

As the weather intensifies and Murree wears the snow-blanket, people turn to the area to enjoy the last days of the leaving winter. However, the extremity of the weather, with providing ideal scenery to spend the vacations, also comes up with the set of challenges. This family was caught up in some harsh circumstances and was saved by the kindness of the villagers.

Woman and visitor, who wrote to us in private capacity, shares that she was at Mukshpuri’s famous Sweet Tooth cafe with her family. Lucky enough, she had the number of the cafe employee, whom she contacted to be aware of the weather conditions before-hand. On their way back, they saw a vehicle stuck in the snow and her husband parked their jeep at a safe place and went to help them – little did he know he will face the weather wrath later, himself. While he was working to rescue the stuck car, another pile of snow slid, burying him and the other men.

In the panic, the woman began her efforts to save them. And acting promptly and smartly, she called on the number of Sweet Tooth employee who reached there at the earliest with some villagers. She also called the police and 1122, and says was denied help. Police representative blatantly refused to help her out and hung up the phone.

Hero – Sweet Tooth Employee

On the other hand, she praised how the Sweet Tooth staff and the villagers helped the stranded, selflessly, promptly and efficiently – saving each one of them. Her husband also offered them money as thank you token, but they refused to accept it.

Here are the entire details of the incident (as she wrote to us)

Me n my family visited sweet tooth cafe Mushkpuri on 7th of feb around 5:00 pm … luckily I took one of the employee named Mr. Shaheen’s no just to ask him about the weather conditions n the availability of the stuff beforehand… v left around 6:10… after driving just 20 mins away from the cafe a car was blocking the road coz it got stuck in the snow … my husband got off our jeep n went to help them out… as all of them were pushing the (stuck)car, piles of snow came out of nowhere n covered the entire car along with those 6 guys n my husband… Me n my kids were parked at a distance so v were safe … I went rushing towards that 16 feet high snow slide n kept shouting at the top of my lungs but there was silence everywhere… searching here n there I cud finally spot a hand moving on the surface of the snow … I single-handedly dug out 2 guys with my hands n told them to help me find the others but they were too shaken by this ordeal that they cudnt n they went n sat in our jeep… I suddenly remembered I had Mr Shaheen’s no n he was just 20 mins away so I called him n told him what had happened … he told me not to worry as he will b there in no time … luckily my husband left his cellphone in our car so my daughter started calling a few of my husband’s friends from the army who were serving in Murree… they immediately responded n left their camp to rescue us but unfortunately they couldn’t reach us coz of the heavy land sliding on Murree side … so they contacted the PAF Kalabagh base who again responded very quickly n left the base with a rescue team including a doctor for the rescue mission … v called the police n they said “ bahr bohot baraf hai hum nahi nikal saktay” n they hung up then v called rescue 1122 who themselves were later on rescued by the airforce ? … meanwhile I started searching for my husband n the rest of the guys… finally I managed to locate the other 4 guys n started digging the snow this time with an umbrella that I had found in our car, I was successful in digging n pulling out the third guy too … he also went n sat in our car while I was digging out the fourth one … mr shaheen along with another guy came rushing towards us with the shovels n started digging the snow deep n in no time both of them manage to recuse the remaining 3 guys … a huge mob from the nearby kundla village which mr. shaheen had already informed about the incident came n started helping them search for my husband … now 3 hrs had passed when the slide had hit that area … deep inside my heart I knew he is alive coz I was reciting surahs n ayats n praying to Allah that may HE is the ultimate power who can keep my husband safe … some of the local ppl even came to me n said v think u shud prepare ur mind for the worst but I told them no I still have hope n I know my husband is safe down there coz he is a very strong man… finally some of them started shouting “mojza ho gaya aap kay husband mil gaye aur Woh bilkul theek hain” they helped him come sit in our car too as the heater was running … I can never thank Allah enough when I saw my husband coming towards me … he was shivering badly n cudnt breath properly coz of lack of oxygen for such a long time … later on the locals took us to their homes where they gave us tea, kehwa n boiled eggs to maintain the body temperature from within… the airforce rescue team arrived n took us to the kalabagh base where my husband n the rest of the guys were given proper medical care… v stayed in kalabagh mess for 2 days till the airforce n the local ppl of kundla village helped us recover our vehicle.

My husband offered the local ppl some money as a goodwill gesture but they refused to take a single penny for themselves … instead, they told him if u really want to do something for us u can contribute in building a mosque for the village.

Hats off to the employees of sweet tooth Mushkpuri … they were the true heroes of this whole incident, local ppl of kundla village n our armed forces for their vigilant response n risking their own lives to save ours.

Moral of this whole incident is :

-Never go to these galiyat in bad weather no matter how much u love snow or rain.

-Never take a small car to such areas specially in the snow .. coz this way u not only risking ur own life u can risk other ppl’s lives too like these guys did… if u really want to go .. use a 4 wheeler.

-Never panic, keep ur courage n ur brain intact coz fortune only favours the brave!

-Never rely on police or any rescue team coz they r only there for decoration purposes.


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