Neighbors kidnapped and gang-raped teenage girl in Islamabad

My niece was standing in front of her house when two people living in the same street, picked, raped her and ran away

  • A teenage girl from Swan Camp was dragged to an under-construction house and got gang-raped afterward.
  • A recent report says that during the period of last three months twelve rape and murder cases have been registered in different areas of the city.

A teenage girl was allegedly abducted from Swan Camp, Model town and was raped in the broad daylight. The place where the incident took place falls under the Sihala police station.

On Wednesday, the police lodge FIR on the appeal of a victim’s real uncle. He said, “My niece was standing in front of her house when two people living in the same street, picked her and dragged her to an under-construction house and raped her and ran away”.

Afterward, police registered FIR and the suspects were arrested.

Federal Capital’s recent report

Violence and assault against women including rape, honor killing, acid attack, domestic violence, and forced marriages are still the serious problems of Pakistan.

In the past few months, several numbers of cases have been reported from the federal capital were minors and young girls were kidnapped from the residential areas and killed after being sexually assaulted.

A recent report says that during last three months twelve rape and murder cases were registered in the city. Still, Islamabad police are unable to make any progress in their investigations to reach and arrest the culprits.

Kasur Mitigates horror

Kasur has been convulsed by several incidents of rape, abuse, and killing of children. A six-year-old girl Zainab was raped and murdered mercilessly, the incident got international coverage in 2018. Kasur is reliving the horror again as police have found the body of one child who went missing two days before his body was recovered while the remains of two bodies were found who went missing two months ago.
This is horrific that these incidents are happening again, where children become victims of sexual assault and brutal killing. We as a nation both at government and individual level should take drastic measures to save our children.

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  • Police training needs to be overhauled. Recruitment needs to be based on merit with dismissal from service for poor performance. Recruit better people to replace them.

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