Neighbors Rescue Sister Tortured And Raped By Brother After Suspecting ‘Suspicious Activities’

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Police rescued a woman in Karachi after receiving a call from neighbors that she was being held hostage in a single-room apartment.

According to details, a man who identified himself as Junaid had called the helpline to alert them of the suspected hostage in his neighborhood.

Following this, a police team immediately headed to the address, where they found many people gathered outside the building. 

A police official told a source, “when the police entered one single-room apartment, they found a feeble woman wrapped in a bedsheet. She was so weak she could not walk. An ambulance took her to Civil Hospital, Karachi, for rehabilitation.”

He added people from the area caught the woman’s brother, who was identified as Iqbal, and handed him over to the police.

An FIR against Iqbal was filed on the complaint of the victim’s maternal uncle Muhammad Hassan. 

Hassan told the police that the victim’s parents had died, and her brother took her with him three years ago and cut all her connections with her family. 

Junaid, who called 15, told police that Iqbal rented the apartment two and a half years ago. Everyone knew Iqbal and his sister were living there, but no one ever saw her. He claimed that sometimes they heard her crying, but no one intervened as it was considered a personal matter.

The neighbor added they began to suspect something was wrong after someone threw used condoms out of the apartment. Though the apartment was locked, the women from the flats tried to look inside through a window. They saw a woman lying naked.

A woman medico-legal officer examined the victim and confirmed in her report that she was raped.

The police have acquired semen samples from the suspect and sent them for a serology. The investigation has been underway.

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