Nelson Mandela’s grandsons express solidairty with oppressed people in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK)

Nelson Mandela's grandsons also praised PM Imran Khan for raising the Kashmir issue in international platforms.

Nelson Mandela and his grandson Mandla Mandela in 2001. (Gallo Images/Getty Images)

The grandsons of the former South African President and the anti-apartheid revolutionary, Nelson Mandela, have expressed solidarity with the people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK).

The anti-apartheid revolutionary’s grandsons, Mandla Mandela and Prince Cedza Dlamini, made the statements in favor of the oppressed Kashmiris on Youm-e-Istehsal-e-Kashmir.

It's Youm-e-Istehsal Today: Draconian Indian Measures in IOJ&K Mark one Year – WhenWhereHow Pakistan

The Youm-e-Istehsal-e-Kashmir (The Day Of Kashmir’s Exploitation) was observed on the 5th of August, marking two years since India illegally scrapped Article 370 and 35-A of the Constitution of India, which granted Kashmiris limited autonomy and special rights.

Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mandla Mandela wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh. (İsa Terli/Anadolu Agency)

On behalf of the South African people, Mandla Mandela sent his good wishes to Kashmiris on Youm-e-Istehsal-e-Kashmir.

He stated that the struggle of Kashmiris against oppression is “our struggle.”

Moreover, he called upon the international community to hold India accountable for its crimes against humanity in the occupied valley.

Furthermore, Mandla expressed solidarity with Kashmiris and remarked that South Africans would keep on standing side-by-side with Kashmiris in their struggle for self-determination.

Nelson Mandela’s step-grandson Prince Cedza Dlamini.

On the other hand, Prince Cedza Dlamini reemphasized Kashmir’s status as a disputed territory, urging India to take the step and solve the Kashmir dispute with Pakistan in line with the resolutions of the United Nations (UN).

Moreover, Prince Cedza linked the Kashmiri struggle for freedom to the Palestinian struggle for freedom and said that both the occupied territories should be given self-determination.

Both of Mandela’s grandsons also praised Prime Minister Imran Khan for raising the Kashmir issue and highlighting the oppression of Kashmiris in the UN Security Council (UNSC) and EU Parliament.

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