Nemrah Ahmed calls out ‘shameless media’ & Feroze Khan for promoting violent & obsessed heroes

Nemrah Ahmed took to her Instagram to call out the 'shameless' media.

A scene from Aye-Musht-e-Khaak

Renowned writer Nemrah Ahmed has called out Pakistani media for promoting ‘violent and obsessed heroes.’ The writer expressed her opinion after a scene from Feroze Khan’s drama Aye-Musht-e-Khaak received flak online.

Nemrah Ahmed took to her Instagram to call out the ‘shameless’ media. The renowned writer also called out Feroze Khan as he plays physically abusive hero in his every second drama. She also expressed her disappointment over the audience applauding such characters.

“This is how Bollywood has raised a generation, Present violent heroes, make girls believe that a man who runs after them consistently is a LOVING man and get applause. This is dangerous. Toxic. A man who runs after you even after you have said NO is a red fag.Never settle for that man.”

Furthermore, The Haalim writer called out the embarrassing heroines ‘who settle for these men and get softened up after some time, considering it love.

Nemrah Ahmed calling out Pakistani dramas
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Nemrah Ahmed added that success isn’t getting higher ratings for portraying physically abusive heroes. “And when will our awam stop watching this piece of crap?,” she asked.

Picture Credit: Galaxy Lollywood

The internationally acclaimed writer further explained what is wrong with ‘Pakistani Dramas toxic hero culture?’

“A wealthy and handsome playboy keeps pursuing a middle class girl. He kidnaps her, stalks her, abuses her, shouts at her, physically assaults her but he is still the hero. In the end the hero wins over the girl. That is where these dramas end. Love wins. They call it ishq.”

According to Nemrah Ahmed, the heroes portrayed in Pakistani dramas become become Zahir Jaffar in real life. “They pursue Noor Muqaddams and they don’t let go of them. On one side we are fighting against Zahir Jaffar’s and on the other side we are glorifying these narcissistic men?”

Moreover, the writer thinks Danish Taimoor  ‘should have thought twice before accepting’ Deewangi and Ishq Hai. She also advised Feroze Khan to to be responsible enough to choose roles wisely.

Nemrah Ahmed's instagram story

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