Nepal’s new map includes a part of disputed Indian territory. What is happening between both countries?

India rejected Nepal's "unilateral "action, saying it was not based on facts and evidence.


Nepal has issued a new political map that includes a small section of disputed land, consolidating its position on a decades-long conflict over the territory with India.

Protests have been upheld in Nepal since India opened an 80-kilometer road in Uttarakhand state leading up to the conflicted Lipu Lekh pass, earlier this month. 

Nepal alleges the territory under an 1816 treaty with the British East India Company, which sets the Kali River as its western boundary with India,says the land lying east of the river was Nepal’s territory.


Disputed Territory

In response, India said the land is its territory and rejected Nepal’s “unilateral “action, saying it was not based on facts and evidence.

“It is contradictory to the mutual understanding to resolve the leading boundary issues through diplomatic dialogue,” India’s External Affairs Ministry spokesperson ,Anurag Srivastava said in a statement.

Srivastava added, “India will not accept such artificial expansion of territorial claims.”

Nepali officials said the new map would be printed in educational textbooks and will be used for all administrative purposes.

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