Nepotism is destroying Pakistani entertainment industry and we NEED to talk about it

It is disturbing to realize just how much talent we are losing because of it. 

The debate on nepotism around the world is in full swing; many have spoken about its vile existence. However, in Pakistan, now one seems to be questioning it.

There is no doubt about the fact that nepotism exists in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, and it has destroyed more careers than anything else. Not just individuals, but the industry as a whole has suffered a lot because of this culture of silence. This trend of choosing people already in the limelight for films and television productions has adversely affected the industry, and no one is ready to admit it.

How exactly has nepotism affected our entertainment industry?

Let’s have a look:

Creating a Dearth of New Talent

Most, if not all, aspiring Pakistani actors never get an opportunity to prove their prowess, and as a result, they never get to a major position. Our Pakistani entertainment industry has always favored people who are already in the industry, whereas newcomers have been victims of their harsh treatment. The culture of asking which ‘talent agency’ has sent that person has not ended.

Shunning New Content

We all can’t stop ridiculing the content we see in our films and on television because there are hardly any fresh faces behind creating these narratives. The new talent is never given a chance to come up with new content.

Monopolizing Talent Pools

Nepotism wouldn’t have posed so much of a threat to the industry only if television conglomerates and production houses hadn’t been involved in monopolizing talent and creating ‘camps’ of actors that would only work with a particular channel.

Destroying Credibility

What is worse than not giving newcomers equal opportunities? Destroying the credibility of award shows! These platforms are meant to recognize talent, but is it not surprising that the same people win again and again – AND AGAIN? This has only proved how nepotism holds such a strong position in our industry, and its disturbing to realize just how much talent we are losing because of it.

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  • I cant believe that a senior artist like Bushra Ansari can response in this way , Bushra should keep in her mind that she is recognised by viewers otherwise who was you when in Lahore ? viewers criticise  for better work , be humble , how many years do you have in industry ? people gave you respect , respect them in return .

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