Nestle Lactogen Scandal: No FIR of child’s death registered even after a year

The case that happened last year still awaits justice as well.


  • Nestle claims another life as authorities remain inactive.
  • An infant passed away due to consuming Nestle’s formula milk.
  • Despite one year has passed to it, no investigation on the case has begun. 
  • 3 IOs,1 SP who registered FIR has been changed.

A citizen from Lahore has filed an FIR (First Information Report) against Nestle Pakistan due to the death of his one month’s old daughter, who consumed Lactogen, Nestle’s formula milk.

In his FIR, Usman Bhatti, the complainant, accused Nestle of selling poisonous formula milk. He called out the food giant for being the reason for his daughter’s death. The FIR also states that Usman’s daughter fell ill after consumption of Nestle products and was taken to the hospital. However, she passed away and a post mortem was conducted.


The post mortem report showed that death was due to shortness of breath. The citizen filed a complaint before and court and in an attempt to hamper the court proceedings, Nestle used delaying tactics.

The FIR also stated that the report submitted to the court by the company showed that the formula milk contained all components in excess, i.e. potassium, sodium, and calcium fluoride.

The past case is still pending as SP who ordered FIR is dismissed:

Even after a year, the case is still pending. Human Rights Lawyer Hassaan Niazi posted that Punjab Police has changed third IO and are unable to conduct an investigation. The SP who ordered FIR against nestle thrown out of Lahore as a punishment.

Breaking: Poisonous element found in Nestle. Lactogen after test conducted by Punjab Forensic Science Agencies. Meanwhile, Punjab Police has changed third IO and is unable to conduct an investigation. The SP who ordered FIR against nestle thrown out of Lahore as a punishment.

Nestle challenged the appeal in Session Court:

The complainant appealed before the court relating to the exhumation of the baby’s body. Nestle challenged this appeal before the Session Court. The FIR also showed traces of ‘Lambda-Cyhalothrin (pesticide) and Phenytoin in cavity material of the body, as found by PFSA (Punjab Forensic Science Agency).

Nestle in return, expressed deep sorrow over the incident. It said that a great amount of significance is given to the quality of the product. In its defense, Nestle stated that the lab reports did not prove that the sample submitted by the complainant is of Nestle Lactogen.

It also stated that the batch under suspicion has been tested in two laboratories and it met local and international standards. About 46,000 packs were manufactured in the batch under question and no complaint has been received till date. The company has confidence in its stance and said that it does not have anything to do with the accident.

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