Cheap Bargain? Netflix can release pedophilic shows in Saudi Arabia but has to remove content criticizing MBS

The decision agitated many reactions among online users, who called it "a cheap bargain" allowed by the conservative kingdom

In a recent interview, The CEO of the American production company Netflix, Reed Hastings, told CNN that Saudi Arabia has allowed pedophile and sexual shows in return for removing content in which the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman was criticized. 

During the interview, Hastings faced a question over the movie-sharing platform’s decisions regarding removing the video. T

he host had explicitly named an episode of the comedy show Patriot Act, in which Hasan Minhaj connected the brutal killing of a revolutionary journalist Jamal Khashoggi to the existing Saudi ruler Mohammad Bin Salman. The episode suggested that MBS had ordered the killing of the journalist.

Shortly, the video was removed from Netflix in Saudi Arabia but remained on the show’s YouTube channel. Removal of the episode had provoked many strong reactions as it was considered a Saudi attempt to “cover-up the crown prince’s involvement in the Khashoggi case.”

Hastings added, removing the episode was a tough decision. However, it helped the platform air many other shows which are considered “socially controversial,” for the conservative state such as Sex Education, Orange is the New Black, and others.

The CEO’s comments agitated many reactions among online users, who called it “a cheap bargain” allowed by the conservative kingdom. Many say we are at a time in which immorality is acceptable as long as it shields political leaders.

Social media users questioned Saudi priorities, saying that it matters much more for the Saudi leadership to cover political content based on their preferences and benefits than to “preserve the country’s conservative values.”

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