Internet thinks PM Khan and Al Pacino look alike. What do you think? [PICTURES]

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There is no doubt that fans and social media users are always busy pairing up look-alikes of celebrity faces even if there is a minor resemblance. This time netizens have been comparing Prime Minister Imran Khan with the Hollywood actor Al Pacino.

It all started when BTS images of Al Pacino from the sets of ‘Frankie and Johnny’ were ‘mistaken’ for images of Imran Khan.

We have collected some pictures of Imran Khan to see if he really does resemble Al Pacino. Have a look!

Imran Khan and Al Pacino

Imran Khan and Al Pacino

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  • oo yaar enough of this looks bullshit nobody gives a rat ass. Stop behaving like Jahil patwaries

  • You guys are talking 40 years old pictures. Now he looks like Col Khaddaffi former ruler of Libya.

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