From features to price: All you need to know about the New Honda Civic [PICTURES]

Here's all we know so far!

Reports state that the auto company Honda Atlas is testing the 11th generation Civic sedan in Pakistan for a possible mid-2022 launch. The test mule of the vehicle can be seen running on local roads. Images and videos of the camouflaged car have been going viral on social media ever since.

Honda Atlas is planning to terminate the years of disappointment

It should be noted that Honda has been disappointing its Pakistani B-segment customers by either dragging an older City model for over a decade or replacing it with another globally retired product. However, the auto company keeps its C-segment customers happy by updating the Civic sedan strictly after the standard six years period.

Due to thick profit margins on larger cars and a widening economic divide, automakers find it lucrative to launch expensive products targeted towards those with strong purchasing power rather than introducing affordable products in volume aimed at the masses. This is also evident by looking at the number of new cars that have been launched after the announcement of the Auto Policy 2016-21. The majority of these vehicles targeted elites, defying the core purpose of the policy with little or nothing for mass-market buyers.


The Current Vs. The Upcoming Honda Civic

The current 10th gen Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo RS already costs more than Rs. 5 million. Therefore, experts believe that the new model will be priced even higher.

According to reports, the 11th gen Civic test mule, which carries the registration number AFY-112, costs PKR 60.49 lac as per the registration details. This may not be the final price of the upcoming vehicle as the test unit was imported as CBU. However, it gives us a reasonable estimate of the price range for the new Civic.

Experts state that the possible price for the new model might fall around PKR 55 lac even if it’s a CKD assembled unit, not below that. However, one can always expect it to fall short of features & equipment compared to the international spec models.

What do we know about the Upcoming Civic to date?

The 11th gen Civic sedan made its world debut in April 2021, boasting fully redesigned exterior & interior, an upgraded powertrain, refined chassis, and new enhanced safety technologies. The vehicle has already reached RHD markets in Asia, including Indonesia and Thailand. And Pakistan will likely become one of the first few markets in the Asian region to receive this generation of Civic within 15 months of global debut.

However, with a price tag of nearly Rs. 6 million, will the new Civic be able to give Honda Atlas the lifeline it needs in terms of sales volume? Considering that the company is already suffering from diminishing market share, the upcoming Civic must attract a bulk of buyers when launched. Only time tell what unfolds in the C-segment once the car is launched.

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