New Overseas Pakistanis Mobile Phone Import Policy 2022: Here’s all that you need to know

According to reports, the government plans to announce a new incentive for overseas Pakistanis to use their imported mobile phones in Pakistan. A media outlet has reported that an important meeting has been held at the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Headquarters in recent months. The meeting mainly focused on facilitating the overseas Pakistanis through a more liberal policy on mobile phones in Pakistan.

Details of the meeting

In this meeting, the FBR, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) have finalized a new integrated system for the overseas. The Overseas Pakistanis Mobile Phone Import Policy 2022 will:

  • Allow the overseas Pakistanis to use their imported mobile phones for 120 days.
  • Allow the overseas Pakistanis to exchange immigration data among the PTA, FIA, and FBR. (The new system would be connected with the FIA’s record of entry and exit of passengers).

Presently, 60 days period is available to overseas Pakistanis to use the imported phone with one SIM. After 60 days, the phone is not operational unless he pays the due amount of taxes to regularize the said device.

How does the new system work?

The immigration staff would enter the data of incoming passengers, including overseas Pakistanis and foreigners, in the system. The passengers will then be able to avail the facility of registration and subsequently use the phones for 120 days period. If the overseas Pakistani comes to Pakistan repeatedly, they can use the same phone/SIM number through reactivation with the help of immigration data. The FIA will verify that the passenger has entered Pakistan, and his phone will be activated through data integration.

Under the new system, the overseas Pakistanis would register one number on their mobile phone. The foreigner can also register their phone through their passport numbers linked with the FIA data. Each person can register one number, and his SIM would be linked with this system. Every time he comes to Pakistan, he can use the same phone and reactivate the same number with the help of the entry/exit data of the immigration staff for 120 days.

However, if the overseas Pakistanis or foreigners would leave the country before 120 days, the immigration system would automatically enter the data of the outgoing passenger at the time of exit, and their phone would become disabled. The system is linked with immigration, and as soon as he leaves the country, his phone will automatically be blocked. The re-activation of the phone would be linked with the flight data of immigration that he has again arrived in the country.

Presently, the validity regarding the device’s functionality is 60 days starting from the day the SIM is inserted. The device will receive signals for the first 60 days, and the overseas Pakistani can use it without paying tax or registering it. After 60 days, it will not receive any services. However, if Pakistani overseas plan to revisit Pakistan with the same mobile, its 60 days period will not be renewed.

As per FBR policy, there is no discount on device registration within 60 days. However, an applicant who wants to register a device after 60 days of traveling into Pakistan or is a local applicant and wants to register a device with CNIC will have to pay additional tax/duty.

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  • A new way to loot the NRPs.
    Due to all these policies, only simple expats r suffering, now everytime if we come Pakistan, we should bring new handset, so that sim could work. The same handset will not work 2nd time 🤨 otherwise pay duty which in some cases could be more than that of handset value. Ridiculous!

  • یہ زیادتی ہے ایک تو یہ ملک باہر ملک رہنے والے پاکستانیوں کے پیسے پر پل رہا ہے اوپر زیادتی در زیادتی، خدا کا خوف کرو کم از کم ایک موبائل تو بغیر ٹیکس کے چلانے کی اجازت ہونی چاہیئے اتنا ٹیکس جا کہاں رہا ہے ہر چیز پر ٹیکس، ٹیکس دن بدن بڑھ رہا ہے ساتھ اسی تناسب سے مہنگائی، قرضہ، بے روزگاری بھی بڑھ رہی ہے

  • Very Complicated and intentially made difficult by Government, when automatically blocked, so when you enter in Pakistan automatically should be allowed mobile for 120 days, why immigration officers are involved to register. Simply allow one mobile phone each annually.

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