Here’s all that you need to know about PM Khan’s new ration card scheme

The government has also launched a relief package worth Rs7 billion.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced that the government would soon be announcing a ration card scheme to help the poor. During his visit to the Utility Store at G-9 Markaz, Islamabad on Wednesday, the Prime Minister said that every cardholder will be provided with basic commodities worth Rs3,000 every month.

The government has also launched a relief package worth Rs7 billion. Under the package, essential items would be sold at cheaper rates at 4,000 Utility Stores’ outlets across Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said the relief package will not only assure the provision of flour, sugar, edible oil, rice, pulses, and other essential items at cheaper rates but will also keep a check on inflationary trends in the open market.

He also said that the Utility Stores are selling high-quality flour at a subsidized rate of Rs800 per 20-kg bag.

Boosting the local manufacturing industry:

The Premier said that the rates of edible oil are high in Pakistan because it is expensive in the international market. To make it accessible, the government is trying to boost the local produce.

“However, the government is trying to increase its local produce by encouraging sunflower and canola growers”.

PM Khan further added that $1.5 billion worth of pulses are imported every year, hence the government is also trying to increase the cultivation.


Responding to a question, the Prime Minister said the main cause of inflation is the ”middlemen” who exploit and make profits at the cost of the underprivileged.

“After achieving economic stability in the year 2019, the government will now focus on job creation, industrialization and growth,”he added.

Utility Stores Corporation Chairman Zulqarnain Ali Khan and Managing Director Umar Lodhi also briefed the PM, ensuring that stores will be updated and new technology will be introduced to ensure that targeted people benefit from it.

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