New revelations made in Dr. Maha Shah’s case as audio messages and pictures surface

SSP Brohi added that a team of police surgeons, MLOs, and doctors would travel for Mirpurkhas for the exhumation process.

The unpredictable death of a 25-year old fashion influencer Dr. Maha Shah was open to numerous controversies, stories, and rumors. Many people called it a case of suicide, while others thought it was honor killing.

New evidence in the case

However, new ‘evidence’ has come up regarding the case. The friends of the late blogger have made some audios and chat with her public on the internet. In the chat, she had sent some photos of her, in which she was injured. She mentioned that her ‘boyfriend’ beat her to the point where her tooth broke.

In another screenshot of a chat from 2018, she mentioned the name ‘Junaid’ and said he will be the death of her. Maha’s leaked audio showed that the endless mental and physical torture the guy put her through made her emotionally unwell. She began having seizures as well.

Postmortem of the body

For now, Karachi police will exhume the woman’s body for postmortem to tie up the loose ends in a legal manner. As opposed to the prior report, the SSP for investigation Basheer Ahmed Brohi said that a proper medical report will be compiled after the postmortem, unlike before.

The previous report became ‘shady’, after the father of Maha accused the two suspects, Junaid Khan and Waqas Hassan Rizvi, of working with the doctors to have the MLO changed.

SSP Brohi added that a team of police surgeons, MLOs, and doctors would travel for Mirpurkhas for the exhumation process.

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  • In the Audio, she is saying that she Xanax to sleep and then she mentions she has developed epilepsy and brain seizures. There it is. Xanax is a addictive drug which causes epilepsy and seizures. Being s doctor, she should have known better.

  • ۔۔ گندے حرام کام۔کا گندہ انجام یہ ہمارے معاشرے اور مذہب میں بات فرینڈ کہاں سے آ گیا ۔ اس لڑکے نے کیا کیا نہیں پتہ لیکن جب وہ لاکھوں کا آئ فون ،لینز اس کے خطرے برداشت کر رہا تھا تو تب یہ باپ کہاں تھا۔ لعنت ایسے باپ پر جو اولاد کی تربیت نا کر سکا۔ اب اس بڈھا کو انصاف چاہئیے

    • Did you see her laakho ka iphone??are you a perfect Muslim??? Who the hell are you to judge someone??? Your comment shows what type of person you are!!!

  • Really sad … Lanat ho un logon py jin k Ander hawas hai.. kixi ki maa behan beti k sath bura krny sy pehly apni maa behan or beti k b ni sochty k kal un k sath bhi ho skta h yeah sub. Barhal Zindagi mai muqafate amal zroor hota h .. late hota h mgr hota zroor h….

  • She is dead, may Allah forgive her sings and grant her peace. But how I see is that she was a sort of dubious character. Only by her posing pictures , I haven’t seen any one after acheiving such education like MBBS, wo0rking in Hospital, still having time to maintain instagram and post the poses to get likes….or she is another case of fake degree.

  • I do not know what is wrong in having a boyfriend, some people here are so stupid and low IQ that is hard to imagine even. How many girls are subjected to torture and assaulted by their husbands? But that is halal torture because that is done by a so called husband for whom all is allowed. I mean what bull.shit.

  • May Allah erase her all sins and give patience to her family and loved ones. AMEEN SUM AMEEN ALLAH HUMA AMEEN

    People who are judging her just because of her life style and all have you ever look into your own self?? Are you a saint or something?? Haven’t you done anything wrong?? Are you really a perfect Muslim?? Obviously no, not even myself . Then who give you the right to judge her?? Plus, for people who are judging over her medical skills and knowledge.. are you yourself genius or anything?? Doctors are humans too and we can make mistakes as well. Even though she was a doctor but she was going through a miserable state in which it is common to forget things because your mental state is not in a condition to response in a sane ways. And more for those who are saying she was dumb that she didn’t realise, she was getting drugged.. have you ever been in that situation?? Obviously not ,if you were then you shouldn’t have said that because when you are surrounded with bad and manipulative people your conscience never works unless you are a mentally and physically strong person…

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