New Zealanders share how they felt when they heard ”Azan” today

Today marks one weak to the deadly attack in Christchurch New Zealand, claiming lives of more than 50 Muslims who were busy offering their Friday prayers. As deadly as the attack was, the way Kiwis conducted themselves and showed exemplary compassion has shown their unapologetic rejection of hate.

Today, exactly one week after the deadly attack, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern went to Hagley Park in Christchurch, along with thousands of others who came together to acknowledge the Muslim call to prayer, Azan. Reporters, broadcasters, and security personnel were seen wearing Hijab or headscarves to show solidarity with the victims of white nationalist ideology, showing that they firmly stand with the Muslim minority and will do all it takes to protect them.

The gesture has won many hearts across the world. How beautifully the country protected its secularist values and preserved its multiculturalism shows that the kindness and compassion Jacinda has shown, it exactly what this world needs.

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The Muslim call to prayer or Azan (Adhan) was broadcasted live in national TV to show that Kiwis will not let the white nationalist ideology penetrated and anti-immigrant sentiments destroy their peacefully woven social fabric. While the New Zealanders stood there exhibiting love and solidarity for the victims of hate, they also shared what they felt when they heard the Azan today – as it had a different meaning.

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