Newly-wed wife beaten, forcefully drugged for protesting against husband’s marijuana addiction

On Saturday night, Ahmed not only took drugs in front of his wife but even forced her to take marijuana, but his wife stood her ground.

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According to media reports, a newly-wed girl determined to make her husband quit drugs ended up being subject to the worst kind of violence at the hands of her husband and in-laws.

Story of Saman Qaiser

The 21-year-old girl, Saman Qaiser, daughter of Muhammad Qaiser, is a resident of Batala Colony. She married Ahmed Usman four months ago under the false pretense that the boy is not involved in any bad habits. Soon after the wedding, Saman got to know about Ahmed’s drug addiction.

During the four months of their marriage, Ahmed took drugs several times in front of his wife at home. Saman’s warnings did not have any effect on him. However, things began to escalate for the worse.

On Saturday night, Ahmed not only took drugs in front of his wife but even forced her to take marijuana, but his wife stood her ground. Her refusal infuriated Ahmed, and he allegedly struck Saman’s head with a stick, knocking her unconscious. Scared of the outcome, Ahmed and his family drove unconscious Saman to her parents’ house, dumped her at the doorsteps, and fled.

Saman’s uncle Faisal Nadeem was the first person who spotted Saman lying unconscious at the doorsteps. He immediately dialed 15 and informed the police of what had transpired. Following the call, Batala Colony police reached the location and shifted the victim to the Civil Hospital.

Reporting the incident, Saman’s uncle, Faisal, told the police:

The accused had married for the second time. He had divorced his first wife. Ahmed tried to drug my niece. When my niece refused, the accused lost his temper and severely tortured my niece. Accused, Ahmed is threatening to kill Saman if she demands a divorce.

Eventually, Saman regained consciousness and had her statement recorded too.

Saman’s uncle further said:

I appeal to the Chief Minister and the IG of Punjab to take action against my niece’s husband and his family members who targeted my niece.

In reply, Batala Colony SHO Inspector Ayub Sahi said:

Action will be taken after we receive the medical report of Saman.

Different ages of women

Violence against Women in Punjab

A report compiled by Punjab Police reads that violence against women in Punjab is on the rise. Over the past few years, the province has witnessed many incidents of female violence. Several crime-against-women cases were reported a week before the Eid-Ul-Azha holidays in Lahore, including:

  • The 14th of July – A 35-year-old woman named Rani Bibi was found murdered in the fields in Shera Kot. She was reportedly stabbed to death. Later, it transpired her husband had murdered her with the help of accomplices. Moreover, a teenage girl was recovered unconscious from Davis Road, Lahore. All she remembered was that she was a resident of Karachi and had been visiting a bazaar near her home.
  • The 15th of July – At least three women were found murdered. Moreover, a man shot his niece in Manawan in a domestic dispute, and a woman was found dead in her flat in Nawab Town.
  • The 16th of July – A man attempted sexual assault on a minor girl in Shahdara Town. It came forth during the investigation that the suspect was a habitual offender but was nabbed for the first time.
  • The 17th of July – a man was booked for setting his wife ablaze after brutal torture in an incident of domestic violence in Kahna. Reportedly, the suspect was deranged after his wife insisted on not selling their home.

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