News Of Jemima Khan Visiting Pakistan Makes PMLN Supporters A Little Salty As They Start A Shameful Twitter Trend – See It Here

Pakistani politics has seen many strong women who have depicted commendable strength and determination, winning the hearts of people and casting a lasting expression. When we talk about these influential women, there is no way we can skip Jemima’s name.

Imran Khan’s ex-wife has always been a sweetheart for Pakistanis and they never let go of a chance to shower her with love and appreciation. Even when both parted their ways, the followers still shipped them and viewed her as a woman of substance. The respect and gratitude that they have for her is perhaps the reason why their excitement was through the roof when  Salman Ahmed revealed that he has invited Jemima to Pakistan and she has accepted the invitation. He further told that she is expected in 2018.

Source: Express Tribune

Seeing that as an opportunity to let the inner emotions out that were probably tamed in hearts after Supreme Court ruled in favor of Imran Khan. Jemima’s role in the entire situation was probably a little too much to digest which lead to a shameful trend that was seen all over Twitter as a reaction to Jemima’s Pakistan-visit news.

Now that stooping below every level of human decency have become common and respectful argument has become a rare sight in Pakistani politics, unfortunately, such trends keep finding their way back to us. View some of the tweets from it decide which direction are we going yourself.

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