VIDEO: 'I am sorry', Nida Yasir's loop of insensitive behavior and apology continues!

The morning show host posted a video responding to the backlash and explained her side of the story.

Nida Yasir, the famous morning show host, found herself in hot waters once again. Recently, the celebrity invited the family of the four-year-old rape victim, Marwah, on her show to talk to them about the mortifying incident.

However, several viewers thought that Nida Yasir was insensitive in her questioning. Many believed that her statements forced the victim’s family to relive the horror. Social media flooded with people urging PEMRA to take notice of the episode and calling for the morning show’s boycott:

Following the severe backlash, Nida Yasir took to Instagram to apologize. The morning show host posted a video responding to the backlash and explained her side of the story.

Nida Yasir said:

I have heard a few people are upset with me over the questions I asked Marwah’s family. First of all, I’d like to apologize if I unconsciously hurt anyone’s intentions with my words and my questions on the show with Marwah’s parents.

The celebrity went on to explain:

All my shows are planned a week before. My only goal is to make sure that my viewers are entertained. My team did not approach Marwah’s family, but the victim’s family willingly came over because they wanted media coverage and attention. I canceled whatever I had planned for the day and decided to invite them to the morning show.

Nida further stated:

God is witness that I did not do this for TRPs. Ours is an entertainment show. We get ratings and TRPs on shows based on the element of excitement. Episodes like these are depressing; even I get depressed doing them.

Talking about the show further, Nida shared:

Marwah’s family needed my support, so I considered it my duty to invite them to my show. And you will not believe it, but two days after the episode aired, Marwah’s rapist was caught. Her family is very grateful to me. They are poor people and were in a dire state before they got some financial support because of our show.

Close to tears, Nida further said:

I cannot return Marwah to them, but at least I added to the relief they felt once the rapist got caught. In any case, I would like to apologize again if I hurt anyone. I am also a human being. I was also shocked at the revelations. Please forgive me. I am a human being, after all. And I hope that I will be more careful in the future.

Later, a social media user commented on Nida’s apology video and said:

Nida did not let “the poor mother grief for her child properly”.

Nida replied to the comment and said:

The lady on the show was not Marwah’s mother and urged everyone to watch the complete show before passing any judgment.

It is pertinent to mention here that the lady in question was Marwah’s grandmother.

On the 4th of September, four-year-old Marwah left home to go to a shop and went missing. Two days later, her body was found in a garbage heap in the area. An investigation into the matter followed, and an anti-terrorism court in Karachi remanded three suspects in police custody.

An investigating officer told the court:

The investigation and witness statements indicate that the minor girl was subjected to sexual assault.

As per reports, one of the suspects has confessed to the crime. During the confession, he revealed that the minor girl died after being gang-raped.

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  • OK we accept her apology and that human make mistakes but wasn’t Nida in her senses while conducting and planning the show? It was planned a week before but conducted live on that day. Yes, mistakes are made by humans but Nida did it deliberately because as she has said that the show was planned a week before. Everything was scripted. So when they were writing the script, where was their conscience, maturity and humanity? This was all rubbish. Nida is such a ridiculous woman. I think she needs some break and psychotherapy.

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