Social Responsibility? Nida Yasir hosts a makeup competition in her morning show amidst worsening coronavirus situation

Nida laughs it off, saying that if she is suffering from a cough, she should put on a mask.

Nida Yasir’s morning show has once again made the headlines, and this time for all the wrong reasons.

At a time where social distancing is being highly stressed upon and strict measures are being taken to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, Nida decided to host a makeup competition in her show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’.

The episode aired on 16th March 2020 and began by the host acknowledging that during the outbreak of the deadly virus, the government has advised everyone to ‘stay far, far away’. Yet, ‘in this situation’, they managed to call beauticians ‘from all over the country to display their art’.

She told her contestants to clap since they don’t have an audience, as public gatherings are prohibited for the time being.

Nida went on to say that ‘the challenge is very interesting’. Each makeup artist had to prepare the perfect bride while models chew gum. Nida was also accompanied by Kashif from the popular makeup salon Kashee’s. 

The episode went on as models and contestants came in close contact with each other. Challenge Two was that food had to be shoved in the faces of the contestants as they worked. A participant Shakeela from Kanwal refuses to eat anymore, saying she’s suffering from a cough.

Nida laughs it off, saying that if she i
s suffering from a cough, she should put on a mask.

There was no protocol or medical screening, despite the horrible situation. Maybe, Nida Yasir thinks it is alright to expose thousands to the deadly virus since at least one winner is getting a cheque and some makeup.

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  • It’s the most pathetic show… And hate it more now cos of nidas stupid attitude towards this situation.. It’s better nida see some international programs and copy paste n her show format like the way she do it oftenly..
    Stupid woman

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