[VIDEO] How Nida Yasir treated Marwa’s parents is problematic, insensitive and highly inappropriate!

The case caught the media's attention and was being discussed on mainstream media for days leading to nationwide outrage.

The race for ratings compels the Morning show hosts to air controversial content that ends up generating a backlash from the public.

A few days ago, a five-year-old girl, Marwah, the resident of Essa Nagri in Karachi, was found dead in a garbage heap by locals. Her body was discovered inside a gunny bag. She was raped and physically assaulted before being murdered brutally.

The case caught the media’s attention and was being discussed on mainstream media for days leading to nationwide outrage.

Following this, The Morning Show host, Nida Yasir, invited Marwah’s parents and their family members for a whole episode on Good Morning Pakistan last week. Just like everyone else, the host knew what the five-year-old went through, but Nida made the victim’s parents revisit the agony, pain, and distress as she kept asking to ‘tell and narrate the incident again’ for the viewers.


Public Response

After watching the episode, social media users have been calling PEMRA to ban such shows from being aired because of its insensitive content. People believe inviting the victim’s parents and family members and then questioning them about what? How? Why? is inconsiderate and thoughtless.

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  • Kitni bereham kutti aurat hai…
    I wish something happens to her and other channels call her and ask ..ab kesa mehsoos KR ri ho tum

  • اگر یہاں پہ خدا نخواستہ ندا یاسر کی بیٹی ہوتی تو کیا وہ ایسے کسی پروگرام میں جا کے شرکت کرتی اور ایسے سوالوں کے جوا ب دیتی؟ اگر سوال کا جواب نہیں ہے تو براہِ مہربانی مظلوم لوگوں کے جذبات سے کھیلنا بند کریں اور اپنی ریٹنگ بڑھانے کے لئے بے چارے لوگوں کو استعمال نہ کریں۔

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