Nike ‘Pro Hijab’ For Women Is Finally Here – See How People Are Reacting To The Official Launch

Societal barriers, white ceiling, judgments and discrimination on the basis of religion all across the world, Muslims women have successfully been able to prove to the world that they are no less against all odds. They have depicted immense strength in all the spheres of life parallel to their male counterparts and have created a lasting impression.
Similarly, in male-dominant areas like sports and Olympics, women like Sarah Sattar and Amna Al Haddad proved that nothing can hold them back. Being driven by their passion, they broke stereotypes and carved out examples.

First, the world tried to ignore the need, but perspectives changed when the first woman to ever take part in Olympics wearing hijab created headlines globally. The statement was clear – they could no longer be ignored.
Detecting the need and as an effort to empower and motivate these warriors, leading sportswear brand Nike has launched their product line dedicated to them. Nike Pro Hijab range includes classic comfortable modest sportswear for the women who are leading the sports world gracing hijab.

This not only has helped the ignorants recognize these women who along with brilliantly competing in the field are also defying the orthodox vulnerable image of women with the weapon of their vibrancy.
The Nike Pro Hijab is synonymous with quality and comfort, incorporating durable mesh and strategically placed holes to ensure breathability.

This is to ensure that Muslim women face no limitations when it comes to sportswear and performance garments. The initiative has recently been named in the Times Best Inventions Of 2017 as well.


Needless to say, the official launch has started a debate with people appreciating it as a beautiful initiative, while others view it as ‘cashing in the name of oppression’ and ‘an attempt to capitalize off Islam’
Here is what people are saying:

However, regardless of how people view it, this definitely is a big win for all these enthusiastic strong girls. The world is finally looking at you!

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