Nikkah At ANY Age Will Be Legalized In Pakistan Soon

Child Marriage or formal commitment at an early age has always been a controversial issue. The early marriages and pregnancies have been a reason for countless health complications in later age. However, certain steps have been taken to prevent the issue and also cater, or address the reservations of people simultaneously.

Council of Islamic Ideology apparently is in favour in recently proposed Child Marriage Restraint Bill. According to the bill, the citizens are allowed to do Nikkah at any age they want but for the formal ceremony or ‘Rukhsati’, girls need to be 18 years old. The bill was passed by Senate Standing Committee at the end of last year to significantly bring down percentage of early marriages in Pakistan and propose a realistic and non-controversial solution to it.

Senator Sehar Kamran moved the bill, and it was later referred to Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) for further consideration. CII was supposed to give the final report within three weeks but has yet not given it due to complex nature of the issue.

According to Mr Qibla Ayaz, CII Chairman, the complexities related to the subject is causing the delay it needs to be tested and considered by all the aspects before coming up with a final response.
Here is what Mr Chairman had to say:

‘’It is a very sensitive and complex issue, therefore the committee members are reviewing it from all aspects before coming up with a final verdict. Though currently, various recommendations on the child marriage age are under consideration, the CII is also stuck to its suggestion given earlier in which it suggested that nikkah shall be performed at any age but rukhsati shall only be legally allowed after 18 years of age.’’

CII will come up with a final response expectedly this by tomorrow, Thursday.

Via: Express Tribune

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