Nimra did apologize – but will the disrespect of other religions on national media stop here?

During the interview, Nimra used derogatory words about Hindus.

Pakistan’s latest internet sensation, Nimra Ali, who has been praised for her infectious energy, has insulted the Hindu community in her recent interview on a local TV channel.

During the interview, Nimra used derogatory words about Hindus. However, the more concerning thing was the anchors’ reaction, who instead of correcting her, started clapping on her extreme and bigotry remarks.

Following the incident, A Human Rights Activist, Kapil Dev, tweeted, “It was fun watching Nimra, but she, like many other ignorants, does not know that 5 million Hindus have been living in Pakistan. She is a kid, but not the anchors. They should have corrected her rather than clapping on her jingoistic remark.”

Is insulting other religions shamelessly on the national TV the new ‘normal’?

In response to Kapil’s tweet, both the TV anchors and Nimra realized their mistakes and apologized to the Hindu community. However, the question is, when will it stop? Why the anchors did not stop Nimra in the first place and waited to apologize only after the backlash.

Public Reaction


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  • Aik bachi k remarks pe hamaray watan ki hindu community jaag gai hai, pr kabhi modi k zulm pe inhon nay awaz nhi uthai. Jo haal kashmir mein hindu extremists kar rahe hein, agar yehi role reverse hote, toe har musalmaan uski mukhalifat karta. Yahan pe hindus ko aik bachi oor anchor pe ghusa aa raha hai, pr apni community pe nhi ata. Mein aaj kisi b indian media ka talk show inhein dikhaown toe, inke sir sharam se jhuk jaein, k woh kitni galazat musalmaano k khilaf kr rahe hein.

  • This was horrible

    This will destroy her confidence. this is what happens when you don’t think and speak

  • The real problem is not Nimra, the anchor or anyone of us. Two enemy states define each other on religious grounds as that is the real problem. When we say hindu this and that, we actually mean Indians. The same way, Indians relate every Muslim to Pakistan, even those which live in India.

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