Nimrita Kumari Was Killed After Being Raped, As Per Autopsy Report

The DNA test confirmed the presence of the male DNA profile.

The last postmortem report of Nimrita Kumari showed that the deceased woman was raped before being murdered, the report was issued by Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH) Woman Medico-Legal Officer (WMLO) Dr. Amrita.

According to the autopsy report, Nimrita’s died because of suffocation as asphyxial signs, which were caused by a ligature on the neck were seen during the autopsy process.

“The ligature marks also tally with the information. Such signs are produced either in strangulation or hanging and are to be ascertained through circumstantial evidence as corroborative at the crime scene by state investigation authorities” – WMLO revealed.

The DNA test confirmed the presence of the male DNA profile, which was observed from semen residue on Nimrita’s clothes, and a vaginal swab also tested positive for a forced sexual act.

The cased was initially painted as a suicide:

Nimrita Kumari Chandani was a final year student at BADC (Bibi Aseefa Dental College), and she was found dead in her hostel room on 16th September 2019.

Dr. Aneela Atta Ur Rahman, Vice-Chancellor at Larkana Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University, said that the student had committed suicide. The woman’s brother, Dr. Vishal, said the opposite. He claimed that his sister had been killed as she showed no signs of depression, nor was she the sort who’d take their own life. His claim has now been proved true.

Sindh government, after numerous protests across the province, ordered a judicial inquiry to be done in the matter, the investigation is still being conducted by the Larkana District & Sessions Judge through the SHC (Sindh High Court).

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    • You are right we are also a sick society like yours where Hindu Muslims life hasn’t no value now pick your fight.

    • Its not the matter of hindu or Muslim, its the matter of humanity, the perpetrators will be brought to to justice. What about atrocities and human rights violation in Kashmir?

  • The perpetrators must be brought to justice and hanged in public and their bodies should be left in public square so ppl can see and learn for days

  • The courts should order police arrest the suspects and speedy justise and killers should be hanged

  • This has happened to many muslim girls as well, dying in hostel rooms, Govt must take action and provide security to female students of all religions.

  • This is a deplorable state of affairs where frustrated young men are raping young girls.
    The culprit should be brought to justice.
    We, as educationists, should openly discuss these human issues with our youth.

  • We can expect any thing from gov, Ya maa ko khothay pay bhetha Kar Pny bapp ko sallam kartya hay

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