Childish Maneuvers By India To Ban Pakistan’s Participation In ICC World Cup

Yuzvendra Chahal and Mohammed Shami have called for decisive action against Pakistan (Reuters Photo)

The madness continues after Pulwama attack as India, after blatantly blaming Pakistan for it without any proof, now tries to ‘isolate’ Pakistan. In an attempt to do so, the demand was put forth for India to boycott its June 16 World Cup clash against Pakistan.

BCCI, The Board of Control for Cricket, in India is mulling to write to ICC (The International Cricket Council) to ban Pakistan from the tournament. However, to their disappointment, they are likely to find no support from ICC in this case, says a BCCI official.

The attack in Kashmir has escalated diplomatic tensions between India and Pakistan one more time and apparently, the sports sphere is unlikely to keep itself safe from it either. Pakistanis already couldn’t make it to the World Cup in Delhi, which is starting Saturday, due to not getting visas. Now there is an additional pressure to boycott June 16 clash as well.

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However, regardless of efforts to detach the country from the cricketing world in an attempt to claim the ‘self-proclaimed victory’ – nothing seems like working out for them in this regard. The BCCI official blatantly said that contrary to India’s perception that their stance will be considered more worthy due to the magnitude of their sport, no constitution assists their want and there is no contractual way to stop Pakistan from participating.  ICC will not stop Pakistan from taking part, regardless of India’s stance, as it cannot stop any team to take part if it has qualified.

“There is absolutely no constitutional or contractual way this could happen. The ICC constitution allows members the right to participate in ICC events as long as they’ve qualified” – said the BCCI official.

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