‘No hard feelings for anyone’ – Aasia Bibi bids final farewell to Pakistan

Aasia Bibi's daughter thanked everyone for their support.

Asia Bibi had been in protective custody since her release last October. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images


The turmoil is finally over, as Aasia Bibi left the country yesterday. After almost a decade of suffering and sacrifices of Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti, Aasia finally got the justice.

She was accused of blasphemy and was sentenced to death Lahore High Court (LHC). However, on October 31 last year, she was acquitted by the Supreme Court of all the blasphemy charges, irking a violent reaction from hardline Islamists.

According to Foreign Office source, Aasia Bibi safely left Pakistan yesterday and will be spending rest of her life in Canada. Further the British-Pakistani Christian Association also confirmed the news of her safe departure. In a notification, it said that they have “received confirmation from a British diplomat that Aasia had safely exited Pakistan”.

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Aasia Bibi and family left the country with ‘no resentment’:

Aasia Bibi’s daughter


In a final video message, Aasia Bibi’s daughter said they are leaving the country with no hard feelings. She particularly thanked Salman Taseer in a video message shared by Shaan Taseer, son of slain governor Punjab.

“With a heavy heart we say goodbye to Pakistan.”

She thanked everyone who stood by Aasia Bibi in the time of need. Her daughter said they are indebted to the blood of Salman Taseer who stood for her and finally Shaan for pursuing their case after him.

“Thank you to everyone who stood by us in our time of need.”

Here is the video message:

Social media community reacts:

Social media community extended their support to Aasia and family, wishing them a peaceful life ahead. They also said their ‘apology’ for what they had to face.


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