[WATCH] Noman Ijaz going from joking about flirting with women to lecturing on religion in 2 minutes

A lawyer by qualification and an actor by profession, Noman Ijaz is one of Pakistan’s most loved and respected actors.

In a recent interview, Noman Ijaz was witnessed boasting about his successful marriage.

“We are keeping up with it by fulfilling its limitations. If I talk about my wife, Rabia, I am very lucky because she is adorable.”

He further shared that he keeps falling for other women despite being married and acts on these feelings.

“I fall in love all the time. I am a very loving person. If I see a beautiful woman inside out, and if she is a difficult woman, I let myself fall for her.”

When asked as to how his wife reacts to his flings, the actor said that he is such a ‘great artist’ and an ‘intelligent man’ that he doesn’t let his wife find out about any of his extramarital affairs.

In the same interview, Ijaz seems dismissive about the #Metoo movement that stands against women’s exploitation. Responding to a question of the host over #Metoo, he said this is all a result of people not being close to religion.


The actor has come under fire for his remarks, and netizens are calling him out for his hypocrisy.

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