Non-Muslim has to kill 7 people more than a Muslim to get equal coverage as terrorist – Medhi Hassan exposes international media’s hypocrisy

The world has seen the worst of terrorism and human rights abuse in the last couple of decades particularly. Even the West, which has for long claimed superiority for their humanist values and multi-culturalism, could not save itself from being plagued by terrorism, anti-immigrant sentiments, hate towards religious and ethnic minorities or toxic nationalism.

Post 9/11, the incidents of Islamic militancy along with Islamophobia increase exponentially and simultaneously. But the incidents of white terrorism have been covered under different banners. The recent mass shooting in New Zealand, claiming lives of over 50 innocent Muslims, initiated the discussion on the topic again.

Though PM Jacinda Ardern has not shied away from calling the shooter a terrorist and has promised that the state will even strip him of his name, the international media’s hypocrisy maintains, which has previously always covered the hate crimes motivated by white nationalist sentiments under the banner of mental health.

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Medhi Hasan, who is a presenter on Al Jazeera English, speaking to MSNBC on Sunday exposed the double standards of international media when speaking about Islamic terrorism and white-nationalist terrorism. During his interview, he also quoted a reference from a study conducted by Georgia State University. 

”A non-Muslim terrorist has to kill on average 7 people more than a Muslim terrorist to get equal coverage as a Muslim terrorist.

That’s a #mediafail.

I’m always reminded of that old viral tweet that terrorism is one of the only areas where white people do most of the work and get none of the credit” – Medhi said.

The said study revealed that terror attacks by Muslims get 357 per cent more media coverage than other terror attacks. During the interview, he further added that there is an obvious imbalance and stark difference between the way media reports Muslim terrorists, which shows the obvious bias.

”The word terrorism is not used for people who are not Muslims – that’s the problem.We’ve been conditioned to believe that a terrorist attack is only an attack carried out by a brown dude with a beard shouting in Arabic.

When of course the statistics show otherwise.

The ADL says that three-quarters of the terrorist attacks in the United States over the past decade were carried out by far-right white nationalist terrorists, a quarter by Muslims.

Can we say that the media coverage of terrorism in this country is 75 per cent white nationalist, 25 per cent Muslim? Of course not” – Medhi said.

People also agreed to the biased narrative and said that terrorists should be called out regardless.

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