Noor Bukhari criticizes bride for dressing ‘too boldly’, then apologizes after getting backlash

Later, the former actress took to her Instagram story again to share that whenever someone raises their voices against something wrong, others get offended.

Noor Bukhari turns to religion and convinces others to do the same.

Noor Bukhari left the Pakistani entertainment industry in 2017 and started a YouTube channel to share her religious transformation with fans and followers. While constantly updating fans with her new lifestyle, Noor shared that she plans to keep her two daughters well away from showbiz. Regarding this, Noor said:

Allah has blessed me with another daughter. I believe that daughters are the most precious gift of Allah. Fatima and Shehr Bano shared a beautiful bond, and I am blessed about that. I am blessed that Allah has led me towards the right path; everything I do is for Allah.

Noor Bukhari Schools Others on Religion

Recently former actress and model Noor Bukhari took to her Instagram story to share her opinion on a bride’s dress. She condemned the bride for forgetting her religious roots and commented:

Where are we heading? Is this our tradition?

Here’s Noor Bukhari’s story:

Later, the former actress took to her Instagram story again to share that whenever someone raises their voices against something wrong, others get offended.

It should be noted that Noor Bukhari has called out many brides for not remembering their religious and cultural roots previously too.

She also took it upon herself to school Nida Yasir for inviting a rape victim’s family and being insensitive towards them. Noor said:

All the morning shows are pathetic. They call the victims, and then the host is told to make them cry. I have left the show once because of this hideous behavior.

Following her statement, actress Zoya Nasir jumped in to defend the bride, saying it is her happy day and she has every right to dress however she wants.

“It’s her wedding day. It’s her dream day. The bride is not enforcing her beliefs or lifestyle on anyone and no one has the right to publicly disgrace her very personal choice with their own two cents.”

“Lest no forget what the person in objection has done in the past,” she continued. “She had a pretty good role to play where we are headed. If Ms. Noor was free to do what she did, same goes for everyone else.”

“It’s good that she had a calling and is following her faith but that doesn’t give her the authority to name and shame,” she further said.

Following Zoya’s outrage, Noor instantly backtracked and apologized.

“I apologise Ma’am Zoya Nasir. I did very wrong in the past and I regret what I did,” said the former actor. It concerns me because there use to be a time dulhan looked so pretty in haya, but still I realized my mistake and took down the post,” Noor commented.

“Where is the freedom of speech? Why [does] it [have] to become news whenever I post anything on my post or page?” further asked Noor.

“Still I apologize for my mistake. Ab me chup hi rahun gi,” she concluded.

Noor Bukhari’s Media Controversies

Earlier this year, the former actress was heavily trolled on her remarks for the PM’s wife Bushra Bibi. The remarks in consideration were:

She’s more than a mother to me.

Noor Bukhari’s relationship with Bushra Bibi under fire.

Before that Noor Bukhari caught media attention for remarrying her ex-husband.

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    • Do you know the bride, her religion? You know nothing about the bride, you just assume that she belongs to your religion and she should act the way you want to do?

  • Hmaray deen mein yahi bat sikhae gae hai k ager hath se nai rok sakty to at least zuban se zarur roko..Noor ne apne hissay ka kaam ker dia ab koi burae ki justification dy to yeh to usi ko bhugatna paray ga on the day of judgement.

    • Do you know the religion of the bride? Everyone is concerned about judgement day of other people without knowing them.

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