[IN PICTURES] Noor Bukhari’s ex-husband remarries

According to sources, Wali Hamid Khan's marriage ceremony took place in Karachi.

Did Wali Hamid Khan get married again?

Rumor has it that the former Lollywood actor Noor Bukhari’s ex-husband Wali Hamid Khan recently tied the knot. Several pictures of the wedding ceremony are surfacing on social media. 

According to sources, Wali Hamid Khan’s marriage ceremony took place in Karachi. The photos show Walid Hamid Khan dressed as a groom sitting alongside his bride on a beautiful stage surrounded by friends and family. 

Sources state that Wali Hamid Khan’s second wife’s name is Sundas Sheikh. 

Confirmation of the Marriage Rumor

Currently, the internet is speculating whether the rumor is true or not. Wali Hamid Khan, the alleged groom, has neither accepted nor denied the story. It should be noted that he has not uploaded any pictures of his alleged big day on social media. However, he has followed a girl named ‘Sundas Sheikh’ on Instagram.

Recap of Noor and Wali’s divorce

Noor Bukhari married Wali Hamid Khan, the son of Ustad Hamid Khan, in 2014. The duo fell in love on the sets of Wali’s debut film Ishq Positive and decided to make it official.

Noor Bukhari and Wali Hamid Khan got married in 2014.

However, three years later, things started to go south. Eventually, in September 2017, Noor Bukhari filed for a divorce with the court, citing physical abuse as the reason.

Noor Bukhari separated from Wali Hamid Khan in 2017.

The judge dissolved the marriage, and Noor Bukhari and Wali Hamid Khan parted ways.

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