Obese man passes away in a Lahore Hospital after claims of successful operation

  • Noor-ul-Hassan dies in a private hospital as of today.
  • There are conflicting statements as to the appropriate cause of his death.
  • Doctors tell that he has died due to a heart attack possibly caused due to the disrupted supply of oxygen to the patient.


Noor-ul-Hassan, who was the victim of obesity, died in a private hospital of Lahore as of today. He has been operated ten days ago with the purpose of reducing his weight.

Conflicting statements about his death

Aaj News reporter Huma Butt says that as per the statement of his doctor Noor-ul-Hassan was on the speedy recovery and was to be discharged from the hospital the same month. She informed that his death was due to a heart attack followed by blood-clotting.

Doctors declared the main reason for his death as a heart attack but some other reports arguing somewhat different. Dr.Maaz, who was also carrying out the treatment of Noor-ul-Hassan said that the treatment of the obese person was severely disrupted owing to the delays in the consistent supply of oxygen to him as the protesters irked the scene and also caused damaged to the windows and hospital machinery.

These two conflicting statements are available till now either the blood-clot or disturbance to hospital machinery at the hands of protesters is the ultimate cause of his death.
Noor-ul-Hassan was the resident of Sadiqabad and was shifted to the hospital for treatment on the instructions of Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

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Dr. Yasmin Rashid takes notice of the incident

He’s been in the Intensive Care Unit after the first operation that was claimed to be successful by the doctors. There are reports in the media that the Provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid has taken the notice of the incident and formed a committee for the detailed inquiry.

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