Not giving up, Nishwa’s father to start a movement against unregistered hospitals

After bidding innocent Nishwa goodbye, her father is determined to save other children.

Nashwa’s case came to national prominence after her father chose to use his voice against the system that took his innocent 9 months old daughter. The incident, that made every single eye tear up, also shook our collective national conscience on the subject of the deteriorating health system.

Nishwa was brought to the hospital for medical attention but the staff continued to play games on mobile phones instead. Her health deteriorated when she was injected with a concentrated dose of KCl all at once, which dragged her to life support. After spending days in a vegetative state, she lost the battle of her life.

Soon after Nishwa’s case, few others came forward as well whose loved ones were snatched away by the unforgiving private hospitals’ ring. However, Nishwa’s father, Qaiser Ali, is determined to take a stand now.

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“My daughter fought to live but she lost her battle today. We are not living in a good society where we could save our children. Nashwa has gone but please do something to save other children please” – Qaiser said, his voice shaking and his eyes teared up, after burying his daughter’s dead body. 

The hospital was sealed and a fine of 0.5 million was imposed on the hospital. While the compensation was rejected by the affected party, Qaiser is persistent to lead the fight against unregistered hospitals in Karachi.

”We don’t want Darul Sehat to be sealed permanently. It is the only hospital in the locality and the public doesn’t has an alternative” – he said, in an interview to a local news channel. 

”We want it to be shut down till the authorities inspect it holistically. Authorities should thoroughly scrutinize and then issue licences (primary, secondary or tertiary) to the hospitals.” – he added. 

Qaiser said they have no personal grudge against the hospital but wants to see a judicial commission who will investigate the quality of services offered. Here is what he had to say:

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