Now That We Have Started Our Journey Towards Inclusiveness, Let’s Eliminate Word ‘Choora’ From Our Everyday Vocabulary

Talking specifically about minority rights in Pakistan, our stance and priorities seem to be wobbly – that keep fluctuating as per convenience every now and then. However, we can’t deny that recently the society has made an attempt, breaking free from the stubborn shackles, gradually moving towards acceptance.

But to achieve that status of equality and inclusiveness, we have to amend everything that comes in the way – from our personal behaviours to collective attitude towards those who believe differently than the majority.

The white in Pakistan’s flag was included to remind us that the country doesn’t belong to the people of one faith. Instead, it is to provide the warmth of home to people regardless of their faith.

But the question is – when we glance at the white of the flag waving on the roadside, top of prestigious buildings, on the windows of our cars and standing tall during the assemblies in our schools, it ‘reminds’ us of our minorities but how many of us actually ‘remember’ them during our everyday dealing?

If you feel torn between your thoughts here, let’s simply – let the word ‘choora’ echo inside your head and reflect, what exactly comes to your mind? Well without a question, the derogatory term is often used to describe someone shabby, with dark skin and untidy clothes, or shall we say, the Christian working class in our country.

Without even considering how disrespectful and hurtful it can be, we continue to use it unconsciously depicting how deeply it is rooted in our everyday vocabulary.

Seeing that we are still not ready to question our behaviours, it is, unfortunately, correct to say that with taking each step forward, we are taking two backwards.
This video shared by Christians in Pakistan – a platform dedicated to raising issues that concerns the minority is an exact depiction of where we are and what needs to be changed. See and decide for yourself:

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