Here are FIVE interesting facts about ‘Zulfiqar Sword’

Here are five amazing facts about the sword.

Zulfiqar is the sword of the fourth caliph of Islam Ali ibn Abi Talib. It was frequently depicted as a scissor-like double-bladed sword on Muslim flags.

1. Meaning of Zulfiqar

Zulfiqar is an Arabic word that signifies “cleaver of the spine.” It was the main sword of that time which had twofold edges.

2. Where did it come from?

There are distinctive discernments about the origin of Zulfiqar or Sword of Ali. Some believe that in the Battle of Badr, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) broke a branch of a tree, and with the supernatural occurrence, the branch was changed into Zulfiqar. Few say that it was sent by Allah through Angel Jibrael when the Holy Prophet ( PBUH) appealed to help Ali (RA) in the battle of Khandaq.

However, the common belief is that Zulfiqar was the sword of the Holy Prophet Muhammad( PBUH), and he gifted it to Ali (RA).

3. The Praises For Zulfiqar

It is also inscribed that when the fourth caliph was slaying the infidels in the battle of Badr, Khandaq, and Ahud, these lines were being chanted by angels in heaven. 

No Man Is Like Ali, And No Sword Is Like Zulfiqar”

4. Hussain (RA) Fought With Zulfiqar In Karbala

According to some historians, after the death of Caliph Ali, the Zulfiqar was inherited by his older son Hassan (RA). After Hassan’s death, the sword was then passed on to his younger brother Hussain (RA). It is also believed that Hussain (RA) fought with it in Karbala.

5. Where is the Zulfiqar sword now?

Zulfiqar Sword

As per Islamic text, the “real” Zulfiqar, possibly one of the Prophet’s swords, is now in Turkey’s Topkapi museum.

According to some other text, the sword in the Turkish museum with a two-pronged tip was made by picture manipulation.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had nine swords. According to sources, 8 of them are kept in the Topkapi museum, and the other is in Cairo, Egypt.

However, many people believe that the whereabouts of Zulfiqar are not known.

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  • So the Zulfikar had no benefit to Hussain at Karbala? Hmm….now what is the point for your post? Are you expecting the Zulfiqar to come alive and slay infidels of today ? I mean maqsad kia hai ?

    • لہجے سے یزیدی ھو پکے جو نام حسین علیہ السّلام ادب سے نہیں لے رہے

    • definitely your comment from which qabail you belong , he was not there to fight with 6 months old son along with about 70 yrs old sahaba karam along with family of few yr old daughter and sisters and brothers ,your next question should be why shia say ya ali madad if he did not help him too in this battle field ,, rest discussion is long but it showed from where you are

  • In 2018 i went to topkapi meuseum and i saw a sward with the name of hazrat ali buti did’t see zulfiqar sward with 2 blades.

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