Number of Coronavirus cases is surging, but not deaths | Here’s why

A hypothesis is going around, stating that the virus might have weakened at this point.

In many countries, the total number of Coronavirus cases is exploding, but the number of deaths is staying relatively low. Usually, these two variables are expected to have a direct relationship. Moreover, other factors like maxed out ICUs, the inconsistent lockdown, add to the expectation that the death toll will rise alongside. However, the apparent version of COVID-19 stats is perplexing.

What is the reason for this unconscionable spike in cases, but no sign of the corresponding deaths yet?

An Argentinian-American political pundit and academic, David Pakman, took to his television and talk radio program, The David Pakman Show, on YouTube to enlighten people with four possible explanations of the baffling stats:

  1. Doctors are getting better at treating the Coronavirus.

With 3-4 months of experience in the field, doctors now understand how Covid-19 patients should be treated. Moreover, the hospitals and the medical systems are now better equipped to deal with the Covid-19 patient surges.

  1. We have not seen the deaths yet.

There is a 22-day delay between getting a positive test and death. After getting a positive test, a patient ends up in the hospital in approximately five days. Then the period from hospitalization to death is estimated to be around seventeen days. There is a possibility that, currently, the delay period is going on. Eventually, the death numbers are going to get very ugly.

  1. Older folks have gotten better at protecting themselves in comparison to youngsters.

Since the senior citizens stay at home and care for themselves, they are not contracting the virus. The additions seen in the number of cases is due to the younger segment of the population being tested positive. The number of deaths is not increasing simultaneously because the youth is less likely to require hospitalization and less likely to die from the Coronavirus.

  1. The virus is mutating to be less dangerous.

A hypothesis is going around, stating that the virus might have weakened at this point. Thus, the people contracting the virus are now getting a less severe version of it than what was evident previously.

Here is the full video by David Pakman

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