The Number Of Deported Pakistanis Reaches A Horrific Level As Government Fails To Tackle Human Trafficking – Read Details Here

Low employment rate and attraction to an improved lifestyle, both reasons justify why most of the Pakistanis are wishful of settling in foreign countries. These people put everything they have at the stake to fulfill the requirements of the agents that promise them a better future and quality of life abroad. Unfortunately, these people fall prey to some deceptive hands, that not only take all they have from them but in fact use dangerous and illegal ways to transport them which puts their life at stake.

According to the recent stats, the number for this year is 18,667 (source: Express Tribune), which itself is horrifying.
As per recent information, the total number of cases filed is 1153 against 647 fake agents, however, only 357 of them have been arrested after the information obtained from the deported Pakistanis.
There are no whereabouts of the remaining 290 yet.


The staggering number has mobilized the authorities and government claim to have taken necessary measures to tackle the situation and control human trafficking. To ensure that, there will be strict checking at immigration checkpoints and people with incomplete documents will be sent back home.
All the details will be thoroughly checked. Further, IBM’s will be installed in FIA check posts to check the travel history of the passengers.

To detect fraudulent activity, Edison system was also induced to ensure credibility and authenticity of the cases. Along with other measures, the information of the human traffickers has been put in ECL as a preventive measure and their CNIC’s have also been blocked to ensure that they don’t fool any more people.

The unfortunate digits show how people are falling prey to these cheaters in a quest for an improved life. Anyone who is considering that, should take the risk into consideration as well.

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