NUST Researcher Becomes First-Ever Pakistani and Muslim to Win The IAPR Award

Dr. Faisal Shafait has been named as the winner of International Association for Pattern Recognition Young Scientist Award for 2019. He is a researcher of Pakistan’s one of the most prestigious universities, National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Dr. Faisal Shafait was honored at the 15th International Conference on Document Analysis & Recognition (ICDAR) held in Sydney, Australia. Not just the first Pakistani but Dr Faisal is the first ever muslim to be named as the winner of this prestigious award.

He won the award for his outstanding contributions to document image analysis and computational forensics. The award has been previously won by researchers from the United States, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Spain, Norway and India.

About Dr Faisal Shafait

Dr Faisal is currently performing his duties at the Department of Computing at NUST School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS). He has worked hard for the development of automated reading systems for under-resourced languages and scripts.

His deep learning-based Urdu reading systems can help increase the literacy rate in the country by enabling people to read by using smartphones.

Moreover, his algorithms are a part of Google’s open-source text recognition framework, Tesseract, which are being used by researchers and developers from around the world for developing reading applications.


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