Nutraceutical Products Mirth & Nutriful hit a Landmark within 1.5 Years of Launch!

Great nations are built upon the economies who rely on their exports rather imports. Amidst this whole current economic fiasco there are some companies who are helping improving Pakistan economy through exports.

As the government seeks to find the ways to achieve long term sustainable growth to increase foreign reserves and revenues, Pharma industry is always considered as the low hanging fruit which has the potential to be the biggest game changer. As per one of the reports back in 2021, exports of pharma sector could hit $5billion in just a few years changing the image of Pakistan as IT industry did for India and garments industry for Bangladesh.

April 2022 marked a Landmark when a joint venture between Saakh Pharma and Focus & Rulz Healthcare successfully exported their nutraceutical product range, Mirth & Nutriful to Europe, US, Africa and Gulf Region making them one of the few Pharma companies in Pakistan achieving this milestone and that too within just 1.5 years of launch.

Since inception, Mirth & Nutriful witnessed a rapid growth and increased local demand which established them as the leading Nutraceutical products in the region. The company now plans to expand their production capacity to meet the increasing demand locally and internationally and ultimately in the run to be the biggest exporter in the nutraceutical category in the country.

In regards to the products, Mirth, also endorsed by one of the Pakistan’s leading Actor, Faysal Qureshi, is a 100% natural solution catering to men’s health. The formula is designed to strengthen men’s muscular and nervous system and helps to get rid of day to day weakness and fatigue by improving stamina and energy.

Nutriful also is endorsed and backed by Adnan Siddiqui, one of the finest Actors in Pakistan, helps to enhance overall immunity and assists in keeping common infections at bay. Packed with full of vitamins, minerals and extracts that are required by our bodies for proper functioning, Nutriful tablets have also been found to improve vision and ensure eye health. Most importantly, these tablets maintain healthy joints and bones, thereby assisting with mobility in the long term, while also improving metabolic processes.

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