Cancellation of the O and A level exams: Education Minister finally addresses rumors

These updates have been continuously doing rounds on the internet.

The Federal Minister of Education, Shafqat Mahmood, has refuted the rumors circulating on social media platforms claiming that the government has canceled the O & A Level and Baccalaureate examinations.

Mahmood took to Twitter to denounce the news and assure the public that the examinations will proceed as scheduled.

Rebutting this fake news was not a first for the Education Minister. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, many people have used the disruption to their advantage and created fabricated updates regarding the educational process. These updates have been continuously doing rounds on the internet. Every single time, Mahmood was forced to come forward and reject false claims.

One such news dates back to the 26th of June. The announcement stated that the government has decided to resume the educational process in schools from the 15th of July. The renowned singer and songwriter, Ali Zafar, created a Twitter poll to elicit views from the citizens over the government’s decision.

Mahmood refuted the rumor in time. He replied to Ali Zafar\\’s tweet and stated that the government had taken no such decision regarding the reopening of the educational institutions.

Later, on the 10th of July, the Education Minister revealed real updates on reopening educational institutes all over the country. Mahmood stated that they had received approval from the National Command and Control Centre (NCOC).

In the light of this approval, the educational process will resume in all educational institutions from the 15th of September.

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