#BanOceanMall: Protests erupt against the mall management after a 3-year-old loses his foot due to faulty escalator

The child’s leg got stuck in the escalator and was severely injured, due to which he became disabled.

A three-year-old boy became paralyzed on the 20th of March at Ocean Mall, Karachi, due to poor mall operations. It’s been approximately two months since the incident occurred, and the private shopping mall authorities are still taking zero responsibility in the matter

What happened?

According to media reports, the escalator paralyzed the child – Aman Raza. The child’s leg got stuck in the escalator and was severely injured, due to which he became disabled. Talking to a media outlet, Aman Raza’s mother explained how it happened. She said:

When we finished our shopping, our child insisted we take him for rides. We went from the second floor to the third floor when the child’s foot got stuck in the escalator. We kept calling the administration, but no one came to help. Even the escalator buttons were non-operational, and there were no medical aid arrangements. 

Talking about the child’s surgery (two months back), the worried mother said:

My child’s condition is so critical that no painkiller gives him ease. My child suffers from pain, barely sleeps for 15 to 20 minutes, and then starts screaming due to pain. Bury your children in your homes, because if you go out, you can have such accidents with them. I still have my child’s shoe, which has blood on it, and I cry when I see it. Can Ocean Mall give me back my baby’s leg? Even doctors can’t give us any consolation. The doctors are not telling us how many leg surgeries my baby will have.

#BanOceanMall Goes Viral

Aman Raza and his family got seriously affected by the negligence of Ocean Mall. The parents appealed to the government that if these shopping malls cannot be brought up to international standards, then at least they should be checked and balanced on human grounds so that in the future, no Aman Raza be paralyzed.

The hashtag #BanOceanMall also went viral on various social media platforms. Netizens demanded authorities take action against the management of Ocean Mall and punish those responsible severely, and strictly enforce the law to prevent such incidents in the future.

However, it’s been two months, and no action has been taken against the responsible authorities. Several famous personalities like Muhammad Jibran Nasir and Hassan Baig are now talking about the incident to ensure the matter doesn’t leave the spotlight.


FIR Filed Against The Mall

According to Muhammad Jibran Nasir, the efforts of people supporting Aman Raza and his family have finally borne fruit. Clifton Police registered FIR against the owner of #OceanMall, Malik Tariq Rafi, and others for operating a faulty escalator in which a minor boy, Amaan, got stuck and had to get his leg amputated. The FIR was registered under Section 25 of the Telegraph Act (for threatening the child’s parents over the phone) and Section 337-F of the PPC (causing grievous bodily harm).

It is pertinent to mention that the incident in which Aman lost his leg occurred on the 20th of March 2022, after which the parents raised their plight on a digital media platform and, in return, received threats from the management of Ocean Mall. Management of Ocean Mall also tried to intimidate the family by dragging them into a civil suit claiming damages for loss of reputation and also tried to scare digital media outlets/influencers (Hassan Baig, FHM, and Dialogue Pakistan) who raised the issue.

Regardless of all the schemes played by the Ocean Mall management, the FIR was filed on the 9th of May, 2022. Only time will tell how vigilantly the authorities act now to bring justice to Aman Raza and his family.

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