October 8th 2017: Pakistan’s First National Disaster Awareness Day

Pakistan has seen major natural disasters in the past era which has crumbled its roots. All these disasters had a major influence on the economic conditions of the country. Many precious human lives lost, people homeless and infrastructures completely destroyed. Pakistan faced multiple events like these in the past 10 years in particular.

Brief History Of Major Natural Disasters Affecting Pakistan

Baluchistan Drought 2000: Affected 1.2 million people, over 100 people died because of dehydration.

Kashmir Earthquake 2005: A horrible disater that took the lives of 75,000 people and made many shelter-less.

Cyclone Yemyin 2007:  A flood struck the coastal areas of Sindh and Baluchistan. Thousands of people lost lives and became homeless.

Hunza Lake Disaster 2010: A landslide that caused sliding of nearby houses in Hunza river. A major threat was the flooding of down stream areas.

2010 Floods of Pakistan:  20 million people were affected. An average ratio of 2,000 people lost their precious lives.

8 October As The Day Of National Disaster Awareness:

Since Pakistan has faced a devastating series of natural disasters and the continuously changing weather patterns are further a threat, the Government Of Pakistan has decided to spread awareness among the people especially regarding the increased risk so they do not stay deluded and in denial.

The day of 08 October 2017  is designated as the National Disaster Awareness Day.

On the awareness day, the individuals were to be given brief training on basic life support, fire safety, first aid, evacuation planning and rescue techniques with exercises. A series of seminars, public talks and rallies were also arranged to convey to as many people as possible and maximize the outreach.

It definitely is a great initiative to make people cognizant of the increasing threat, prompt actions that can be taken to minimize the damage and their responsibility as an individual and on a societal level in the time of such crisis.
Be a part of this campaign and fulfill the liability you have on your shoulders!

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