Oil businesses, farm houses and valuable properties: How Army Chief Bajwa’s family became billionaires

In records present with the FBR, it is also stated that the General's wife was warned for concealing assets.


Oil businesses, farm houses and valuable properties: How Army Chief Bajwa's family became billionairesAccording to reports, in the last six years, Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa’s family became billionaires.

Members of the soon-to-be former army chief family and extended families, started a new international business, shifted their capital abroad and also bought properties overseas. During this process, a young woman, named Mahnoor Sabir, also became a billionaire around nine years before becoming the daughter-in-law of the COAS.

Sabir got back-dated allocations of eight DHA plots in Gujranwala in 2018, which is only possible if one has ownership of land acquired by Defense Housing Authority (DHA). She also became the owner of a Constitution One Grand Hyatt apartment in 2015. This was during a time when many politicians were given Constitution One apartments before Saqib Nisar legalized this project.

Joint business ventures

The General’s family also started joint business ventures with Sabir ‘Mithu’ Hameed of Lahore, which was the same year that Hameed started transferring capital outside the country and purchasing properties overseas. Bajwa’s wife also became a multi-billionaire with multiple farmhouses in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad. She also owns multiple residential plots in Lahore, farmhouses in Karachi and commercial plazas and plots in DHA schemes.

In records present with the FBR, it is also stated that the General’s wife was warned for concealing assets. To top it all off, Bajwa’s family started an oil business in 2018 named ‘Taxx Pakistan,’ which is headquartered in Dubai and is spread all over Pakistan. When Bajwa became a lieutenant general, life for his family members and relatives changed for the better.

Within six years, both families became billionaires and started international businesses, bought foreign properties and became owners of commercial plots and other valuable assets. In 2016, Ayesha Amjad declared eight new assets, without describing them in much detail. The wealth statement was then revised in 2018, when Bajwa was appointed as the army chief.

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