Video: This old interview of Junaid Jamshed in his youth will warm your heart

An old clip of the singer-turned-religious preacher from his interview with Sania Saeed is making rounds on the internet.

Junaid Jamshed passed away on the 7th of December 2016 in a plane crash. The sudden news of his death left his admirers heartbroken and devastated.

However, even after his death, he continues to live in the heart of Pakistanis. Though his followers can never forget him, he is especially dearly missed during the month of Ramadan.

An old clip of the singer-turned-preacher from his interview with Sania Saeed is making rounds on the internet. In the video, young JJ shares some life events and gives a valuable message to the youth.

He said that in his earlier days, he was naughty but didn’t ever misbehave with his parents or disrespect them.

‘’People should look after their children, tell them to never misbehave with elders’’, he said.

Jamshed added that he never raised his voice in front of his parents.

While talking about the social fabric and family system in Pakistan, he said that here, parents happily feed their children even if they are old enough.

‘’This is because of our traditions, but if we follow western traditions, our society would be destroyed’’, he continued.

The preacher said that his wife and mother have a beautiful relationship. He also shared that he likes to eat food made by his mother, and Jamshed’s wife Ayesha never intervened between the two.

Watch the full interview here:

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