Jinnah was called ‘cold’ and ‘distant’ by opponents, but was he actually? THIS video reveals it all

Social media users have been pleasantly surprised to see this side of their Quaid.

Recently, a researcher and educator, Meraj Hasan, shared an old video of Quaid-e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on his official Twitter account. The founder of Pakistan was often described as cold and distant by many politicians.

However, the video shared by Meraj Hasan showed the side of Jinnah’s personality that no one has ever seen.

While explaining the video’s background, the researcher tweeted, “This video was recorded on the 5th of April 1947 when Jinnah and Mountbatten met for the first time in an informal meeting. It was before the discussion started. Mountbatten insisted on having Quaid-e-Azam stood in the middle, and then Jinnah delivered the famous line that “the photograph was going to be of a rose between two thorns.”

Hassan added, “Jinnah used it to state that he considered the Mountbattens’ as an impediment to his goals. Mountbatten himself is the authority of this quote.”

Social media users have been pleasantly surprised to see this side of their Quaid. Many people are thanking Meraj for sharing this amazing video.

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  • “Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three”.

  • Well, no disrespect to our Quaid, but this video only shows that Quaid was witty and extempore. Does not reveal his social side. The accounts of Quaid given by his ADC in his book Jinnah shows that he used to keep to himself mostly and his social gatherings, though immense, but were very sharply poised. And, it makes sense… a person of this caliber had to think a lot and for that he must be requiring some time alone.

  • Doesn’t matter what was he called or what people thought of him. He achieved what he set out for regardless of all odds against him. Those so called “warm” and “party” people are long gone and are only side mentions in historical accounts. Whereas “cold” & “distant” Jinnah is a father of a nation.

  • “Cold” means the one who was persistent and firm on his stand point…never to buzz off his agenda….That is also called “Cold”…and thats exactly what Mountabtten meant…

  • Thanks Mr Jinnah..
    ALLAH Ap ki qabr ko jannat k baghon mein se ak bagh bna de (Aameen)

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